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Noisy Primates page on Bandcamp: Listen to all NP songs for free. Purchase any song for $1 or the entire 12-song album for $8. Read the song lyrics, read the album notes (including thank yous), and get additional song commentary.

Bandcamp is an online record store and music community. It’s a great place—perhaps the best place—to find and support indie artists. When you buy Noisy Primates songs or albums on Bandcamp, we get roughly 82% of the revenue, and we get it in about 24-48 hours. This is comparatively very fast.

We make almost nothing when you stream a song. Literally pennies at best. If you want to support indie artists, you should buy their music if you can afford it. Remember, every dollar you spend is a vote—a vote that says to the artist, “Please keep doing what you’re doing.”