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End Times #1 in South Africa rock

SA #1 rock

“End Times” placed #1 in the iTunes Music Store rock genre in South Africa.

We are helped, I think, by the rock genre being staid (most of the competition came out in the 1970s) and comparatively unpopular in the country. More popular genres in South Africa include Pop, Hip-Hop/Rap, Christian, Afrikaans, etc. Still….

Charted at #23 in all genres

After opening at #114, “End Times” peaked in the SA “all genres” iTunes charts at #23, temporarily ahead of Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits.” (I say temporarily because Sheeran’s single continued its climb and is currently #3.) To be fair, Sheeran appears to have released both an album and a single version of “Bad Habits” so it’s possible that these were being counted separately and are now combined. Either way, happy to be in any kind of proximity to his work.

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